Grade 4

An Introduction to California's Maritime History

This program supports the California History/Social Science Content Standards for Grade Four.

The program traces the maritime history of California, beginning with a presentation titled "Who was here...and who came". This presentation starts with the pre-Columbian life of the Chumash Indians in Ventura County, moves on to the first European explorers who charted the route to California, and continues through the exploration of the California coast by the likes of Juan Cabrillo and Sir Francis Drake.

Another presentation titled "Early California Economy" discusses the Hide and Tallow trade as described in the 1835 book "Two Years before the Mast" by Henry Dana. The Gold Rush period, including the sea routes to California and the famous clipper ships, is also discussed.

A third presentation, "All about Whales" includes a talk about the whales that inhabit our coast and their importance to our maritime history.

The final presentation is a discussion of the major California ports including the early development of the Port of Hueneme.

A culminating activity called a "Search and Find" quiz follows their tour. A discussion period follows the Search and Find which allows the students time to share what they have learned while in the museum.

The 4th grade outline is available for viewing.