Grade 6

An Introduction to World Maritime History

This program supports the California History/Social Science Content Standards for Grade six.

One presentation includes a unique method of conceptualizing a trip back to ancient times. How and where did boats originate? Why were they needed? What were they made of? These and other questions are answered in this program, which traces the story back to the earliest known records of the development of primitive watercraft.

The other three presentations in our 6th grade progam include discussions on:

  • The Mediterranean - surrounding maritime societies - the Minoans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans
  • Scandinavia - the Vikings and their early journeys in Longboats or Drakkar
  • Asia-the development of the Chinese junk, the Chinese Treasure Fleet of 1405, and the unusual Korean turtle boat, arguably the world's first "ironclad" .

A culminating activity called a "Search and Find" quiz follows their tour. A discussion period follows the Search and Find which allows the students time to share what they have learned while in the museum.

The 6th grade outline is available for viewing.